Tutta colpa di Freud 2014

Francesco Taramelli is a psychoanalyst who is dealing with three patients going through various hurdles in their love lives: Marta is chasing a deaf-mute man who has stolen things from her book shop, Sara is a lesbian who was left by her girlfriend just after she proposed to her, and 18-year-old Emma is seeing a 50-year-old architect called Alessandro, who is already married. Unfortunately, these three patients are Francesco's three beloved daughters.

Freud 1984

The life and times of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis.

Freud Leaving Home 1991

In this story, the 60th birthday of Cohen-family matriarch Rosha is the occasion for a gathering of her children from the diverse places around the world. The central character in this drama, however, is Angelique, whose interest in psychoanalysis has earned her the nickname of "Freud." Her older brother is gay and lives in Florida with his lover. Her older sister has married into an Orthodox family, and lives in Jerusalem. They have all gathered in Sweden for their grandmother's birthday. Meanwhile, Rosha's daughter, the mother of these diverse children, has taken ill and is in the hospital. She has been diagnosed with a very advanced, inoperable brain tumor. Freud, who never left home, is perhaps as upset by this news as anyone, and she startles everyone by going out and beginning an affair with a biker. However, she is deeply involved in the new situation: she insists that their mother be brought home from the hospital rather than being allowed to suffer and die there.

Freud: The Secret Passion 1962

This pseudo-biographical movie depicts 5 years from 1885 on in the life of the Viennan psychologist Freud (1856-1939). At this time, most of his colleagues refuse to cure hysteric patients, because they believe they're just simulating to gain attention. But Freud learns to use hypnosis to find out the reasons for the psychosis. His main patient is a young woman who refuses to drink water and is plagued by a recurring nightmare.

French Freud 1969

Inspector Clouseau has feelings of vulnerability and what he fears may be paranoia after he is assigned to guard a priceless jewel. Unbeknownst to him, he has already narrowly escaped several covert attempts on his life by two jewel thieves. Clouseau goes to see a psychiatrist, who turns out to be one of the thieves in disguise!

Sigmund Freud 2006

Documentary - Sigmund Freud is one of the most important personalities of the 20th century and has not only left his imprint on psychology, his very own field of knowledge, but also on of science and cultural and intellectual history; indeed, he has shaped the twentieth century altogether. Otto Brusatti's film takes us to Vienna, New York, Rome, Paris and London and shows not only previously unknown material about Freud's life and environment but also takes a cautious look on Freud's doctrine.

Princesse Marie 2004

The story of Napoleon Bonaparte's grandniece, the famous Princess Marie, her friendship and her work with Sigmund Freud.

Young Dr. Freud 2002

This documentary retraces the life of the famous Austrian psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, from his birth to the publication of his landmark book on dream interpretation. Dr. Freud revolutionary theories spawned the psychoanalytic school of psychology.

Freud und Friends 2015

A headlong dive into the deepest, silliest recesses of Abrantes’s unconscious.

Young Freud in Gaza 2008

Ayed is a young Palestinian psychologist living in the embargoed territory of the Gaza Strip. Young Freud in Gaza follows him over the course of two years. This is a turbulent part of the world: suicide attacks, demonstrations and armed combat are the order of the day. In Ayed's own words, "We need a million psychologists in Gaza." The inhabitants of the Gaza Strip are constantly confronted with violence, and this has its repercussions on their mental health.

Lucian Freud: Portraits 2004

Filmmaker Jake Auerbach decides to offer a description of his friend Lucian Freud that's more truthful than the common media image by asking a number of people who have sat for Freud's portraits to share their experiences with the camera. They include several of Freud's friends and daughters, and the film becomes a depiction not only of his art, but also his private persona. Lucian Freud does not appear, with the exception of a brief shot at the end of the film.

Jung Speaks of Freud 1958

Carl Gustav Jung interviewed on the subject of 'Sigmund Freud': how Jung met him, how he was influenced by him and where he disagreed with him. Jung talks about word association, Freudian slips, the unconscious, the Oedipus complex, the ego, archetypes, falling in love and more.

Freud a fumetti 1970

Italian documentary about comics and their relationship with the unconscious.

Freud Under Analysis

It's a model of the expository documentary. The producer, Susanne Simpson, weaves together home movies of Freud and his disciples with comments on his work by today's critics and defenders.