Dog Heart 2010

Silvano is a thirty-year-old alcoholic and Taibele is a young prostitute. One day when their paths cross, they discover that life has other flavors, but ambition, a weapon and opportunity are a violent combination.

The Heart of Loisaida 1979

Shows efforts on New York's Lower East Side to revive abandoned buildings through the work and persistence of the local, predominantly Latino residents.

La danza del corazón 1952

On her journey to a provincial capital, Elena falls for the director of the Company of Zarzuela and leaves with him, despite opposition from his father. But the guilt of having abandoned him pursues her constantly to the point to shake their relationship.

Corazón de fiera 1951

Wanted criminal has plastic surgery, starts new life in a distant town. Old habits die hard.

Canta mi corazón 1965

Teen-pop singer launches his career. Family conflicts and girlfriend troubles.

Corazón de melón 2003

Corazón de melón is a Mexican comedy film released on August 8, 2003 and directed by Luis Vélez. The plot of the film is narrated in the first person, and, embracing the main issue, the introduction, development, the knot and the outcome as a recipe are presented, respectively, "entry", "soup", "dish strong" and "dessert ".

The Heart of Jesus 2003

Jesús sits down at his office desk one day and suffers a heart attack; Marcos Loayza's film follows Jesús in the immediate aftermath.

Corazón de niño 1939

All through the school-year with a teacher and his fifth-grade boys.

Primavera en el corazón 1956

Don Juan-type manipulates his roommate into helping him mount ridiculous schemes to get next to a girl he has his eye on.

Con su mismo corazón 1991

A critique of the unrestrained consumption on the island, the film portrays what happens to a couple who begins to fill each other with objects in place of love.

Capulina corazón de leon 1970

It didn't really have a plot, but things happened: bumbling bozo raises a lion cub in his apartment, bumbling bozo gets a lion's heart transplantedd into him, bumbling bozo gets mixed up with criminals.

María de mi corazón 1979

A very fantastic story about a robber (Hector) and a magitian (Maria). Once they were lovers, but he left her. One fine day they reenccount and become lovers again. She takes him appart from the 'bad road' and they then work as child party's magitians. One day, while she was away in a bussines trip, her car cracks up in the middle of the highway, during a storm. She is picked up by an mental hospital's bus that takes her there. Now she cannot get out because everyone thinks she is mental sick.

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