A 3D animated short about a community of park pigeons and old men, who come together and help one of their own get through a great loss.

Who Will Comfort Toffle?

Who Will Comfort Toffle? 1980

This short animation film is based on a Tove Jansson picture book. It tells of the little knytt (“knytt” is a non-existing word signifying something tiny like a crumb) who is ever so lonely, but so shy that he is afraid to approach others. The story follows the trials and tribulations of the little knytt and how he finally finds company. (IMDb)

Big Wheels and Sailor

Big Wheels and Sailor 1979

Children of long distance lorry drivers, travelling with their fathers, become involved in attempted hijacking.

A Country Affair

A Country Affair 1984

A highschool student arrives in a small village from Seoul but cannot adapt to the attitudes of the country people.