The End of the Big Cats

The End of the Big Cats
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Can you imagine a life without Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards? Fifty years ago, there were more than half a million lions in Africa. Today there are fewer than 20,000. A world without these majestic predators could soon become a reality. This series gives a new perspective on the problems suffered by the big cats in this changing era in Africa. With the illegal and legal hunting ever prevalent, will society listen to how they can keep these cats alive? 'The end of the big cats' is a documentary film based on denouncing the dramatic decline of the big cats in Africa, and showing the conservancy initiatives for keeping these species alive in wildlife for the next generations. The documentary gives the floor to conservationists and farmers who explain which is their relation with the big cats and also describes the situation of these fabulous animals in Africa. Besides the explanations, the documentary shows big cats and other animals in wildlife, several hunting scenes and conservationists’ iniciatives.

Title The End of the Big Cats
First Air Date 03 Jul 2014
Last Air Date 05 Mar 2018
Genres Documentary,
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Networks National Geographic (US)
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Episode List

Season Episode Episode Title Release Date Download Link
1 1 Lion: The King’s Decline 03 Jul 2014 Download Link
1 2 Leopard: The Hunted Hunter 10 Jul 2014 Download Link
1 3 Cheetah: Running to Survive 17 Jul 2014 Download Link
1 4 Summary 24 Jul 2014 Download Link